Hexenhut / Zauberhut

What you need

  • Yellow, Purple, and Black Fondant or Marzipan
  • Knife


  • Form a ball with the black, purple and yellow fondant. The black ball should be the biggest.
  • Carve light lines into the outer edges of the circle with a knife.
  • Roll out the purple and yellow fondant out thinly. Cut out a long string out of the purple fondant and a square out of the yellow fondant. Also shape a small piece of black fondant as a square.
  • Stick the black square in the middle of the yellow square.
  • Take the black fondant ball and place your finger on one half of the ball and roll out while slightly pressing down. Press the bottom down to make it flat while making the top pointy.
  • Stick the purple band onto the big shaped ball. If necessary, use a tiny bit of water to make it stick.
  • Stick the yellow square onto the hat. If necessary, use a tiny bit of water as well.
  • Stick the hat onto the black circle. If necessary, also use a tiny bit of water to make it stick. Let it dry before using it for further decoration.

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